Website Design

When was the last time your website had a facelift? If you are scratching your head, chances are you need a fresh look.

A bad or outdated website may cause your customers to discredit your business. Do not fall victim to this easy fix! It’s 2017, if your website has been chilling on vacation since 2012, it’s old.

au courant creative can bring your website into 2017 and wow your customers with your new polished look. Great website design can go a long way! Click here to set up a consultation!

Maintenance and Management

Do you have a great website already? Or perhaps au courant creative just launched your new site…now what?

Let us manage your website and keep all of your content fresh and current. Regularly updating your website content will improve your visibility and relevance in search engines and give your customers reason to come back again and again. Website management is one of those many tasks that can easily fall through the cracks. Don't let this happen to your business.

Content Optimization and SEO

You know that pesky and confusing problem of not being able to Google your own website? I mean, it’s on the internet, yes? Surely it just pops up number one in Google all on its own….right?

Sorry, but that would be too much of a perfect world. I won’t explain all of what SEO is since there are too many technical terms to mention and I don’t want to give you a headache but, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is extremely important after your website is up and running.

It takes a lot of keyword research and regular adjustments and maintenance to get your site to show up in the top 5 results in Google and hopefully stay there. Luckily, there are very affordable SEO packages available at au courant creative. After all, there isn’t much point to having a beautiful website out there if it can’t be found!